Is Legalizing Drugs a Good Idea?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about legalizing Marijuana in many states. Legalizing Marijuana is a giant step for freedom. However, why should we stop with Marijuana? If you truly believe in freedom then we should be working towards legalizing all drugs. Why not legalize Heroin, Cocaine, Ecstasy and others. It doesn't matter if someone is drinking, smoking pot or taking ecstasy as long as long as they are doing this in the privacy of their own home. As long as someone else is not being hurt from their actions then people should have the freedom to live how they wish.

Along with having greater freedom in America another benefit of legalizing drugs would also be bringing down taxes on everyone else who is not using them. The laws to regulate all drugs could be very similar to the laws of alcohol and tobacco. Of course you could not do drugs and then drive as that could possibly cause harm to someone else against their will. However, the tax benefits of legalizing drugs would definitely be a positive.

Another benefit of legalizing drugs would be the reduced crime. After drugs are legalized the black market would begin to disappear. The gangsters on the street corners would be put out of business and the drug related shootings would be eliminated. After all, why would any consumer want to buy their drugs on a street corner and potentially put their life in jeopardy? When consumers are buying drugs on the street they are buying an unregulated product from an unknown dealer. However, once legalization happens consumers will naturally flock to a drug franchise or registered corporate entity where the drugs they are selling have been tested for quality. A legitimate business owner has a natural incentive to sell quality products or they lose their profits and lose their business.

In the end, the federal government should have absolutely nothing to do with regulating drugs. These laws should be best left to the states as every state is not the same. If the people of a particular state want to legalize a particular drug or all drugs they should have the freedom to do that in their state without the federal government trying to force their beliefs on them. One of the best parts of leaving the federal government out of these matters is that if you don't like the laws in your state you can easily move to another state. However, when the federal government gets involved and sets uniform laws for every state then if you don't like it you have to go through the process of moving to an entirely different county. If you truly value freedom then you will allow others to live their lives the way they wish even if you don't agree with their beliefs. The drug debate is often difficult to understand since most of us have never used drugs. However, we should treat others as we would want to be treated. If you want others to dictate your life then this may not make much sense but if you don't like being forced to do/not do something then live and let live.

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