Food Stamp Cutbacks

A recent NBC News article has stated that food stamps will be reduced in November of this year. This may be the beginning of a series of cuts to the socialist food stamp program that 48 million American's have taken advantage of.

The food stamp program is set to scale back its benefits on November 1st of this year. If you live in a household of four than your benefits will decrease by $36 according to USDA.gov.

Based on these numbers we now have more American's on food stamps then at any other time in history so maybe this is a good thing that the benefits are being reduced. Would it be so bad for food stamp receipients to go to a free soup kitchen instead. The hungry can also obtain free food from charities and food banks. The food stamp program is simply yet another socialist program that welcomes fraud. Heck, just last month a store called "Obama Express" along with nine other retailers in Baltimore, Maryland were arrested for exchanging food stamps for cash instead of their intended purpose which of course was meant to be food. If the poor/hungry don't care enough to use them for their intended purpose then why continue the program. Socialism never works and only adds to the $17 Trillion debt! There are so many non-governmental organizations out there that provide for the hungry so much more efficiently than a government ever could.

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